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Work programmes

The three bodies responsible for the Joint German Occupational Safety and Health Strategy, the German government, the federal states and the accident insurance institutions have, for the first time, agreed on objectives and fields of action binding on all the bodies responsible in order to improve safety and health at work.

1st OSH objective: "Reduction in the frequency and severity of work accidents"

Fields of action: Building and installation work, temporary work, driving and transporting, school

To achieve this objective, measures are to be included which reduce the inappropriate mental loads and promote the systematic implementation of occupational safety and health in companies.

2nd OSH objective: "Reduction in musculoskeletal loads and disorders"

Fields of action: Care, office, production jobs in the food industry and in the sector of precision mechanical installation activities, gastronomy and the hotel industry, passenger transport in public urban transport.

Here, the focus is on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The ergonomic and age-appropriate design of the work, inappropriate mental loads and the promotion of the systematic implementation of occupational safety and health in companies are to be appropriately taken into account.

3rd OSH objective: "Reduction in the frequency and severity of skin diseases"

Fields of action: Wet work and activities with substances harmful to the skin

The substitution of substances is also to be taken into special consideration.

11 work programmes were derived from the occupational safety and health objectives and the fields of action; you will find more details on the German website.

  • Building and installation work
  • Temporary work
  • Driving and transporting safely
  • Care
  • Office
  • Skin
  • Schools
  • Food industry
  • Precision mechanical installation activities
  • Gastronomy and hotel industry
  • Transport of passengers in public urban transport